100W 12V 60x60mm DC PTC Fan Heater Constant Temperature Incubator

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Specifications: Size: 60*60*35mm(appr.) Mounting hole size:4mm Heat Material: PTC Thermistor Input voltage:12V DC Power: 100W Lead Wire: high temperature line Heat Methods: heat radiation by air flow Description: - Safety, surface insulation. - Heat up quickly, long service life. - self-control temperature. - small sound. - PTC Insulated Ripple heating element are dynamic heating elements designed to heat up moving air. - The large surface area of the aluminum fins ensures a homogeneous heat transfer adjusting the air volume flow. Package Included: 1 X Fan Heater With Wire Usage: 1.This PTC part is used for heating air or solid. 2.The PTC meterial has a characteristic that it is constant temperature on the surface. Note: The power is reference value. the better the dissipation is, the bigger the power is. This model can be use without extra dissipation. Application : Main purposes: air heating, oven, shoe dry shoes, dryers, dehumidifiers, heaters, dryers and other confined space air convection heating More details: