Hand Adjustable Red Dot Laser Sight Light Scope Barrel Rail Mount Kit with Battery Charger

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Description: 1. This green dot laser sight can reach 10-20m at daytime and 100-200m at night(laser dot). 2. Come in a whole set and very convenient to use. 3. The kit include battery charger, laser holder(suitable for 11-20mm pipe) remote control switch, allen key. 4. Oblique head design to insure best waterproof capabilities, suitable for rainy days. 5. Do not need to adjust the laser dot by allen key anymore. Only adjust the knob by hand to achieve it. 6. It will not easy to dislocate the adjustable knob because of the self-locking function. 7. Anti-shaking, not easy to influence focus when treking. Specifications: Wavelength: 650NM Wattage: 10mW Voltage: 3-3.7V Reaching Distance:10-100m Power Supply: CR123AW1200MAH battery (Not Include) Body Length: Appeox. 12cm Laser Tube Diameter: Approx. 2.3cm Height: Approx. 2.8cm Package Included: 1 x Red Dot Laser Sight 1 x Remote control switch 1 x Laser holder 1 x Allen key 1 x User Manual