3pcs LED Corridor Light Intelligent Sound And Light Control Power Supply 3-9W Bulb Light Switching Power Supply Module

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Description: Input Voltage: AC182-265V Output Power: 5W Output Current: 60MA Working Frequency: 50/60HZ Working Temperature: -20-80 Board Size: 28*20mm Feature: 1. The combination of sound and light control, when the light is strong, does not work, the light intensity is lower than 12-15LUX, and the sound of the induction 27-36DB starts automatically. 2. Delay 40-60S automatically extinguished, easy to install, compatible with ordinary switches, no additional wiring. 3. Single trigger, delay 40-60S time, automatically extinguished, intelligent energy-saving. Package included: 3 x 3-9W Bulb Light Switching Power Supply Module